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Arasely Ríos: From Lipsticks to Rosaries: A Purposeful Path to Business

Arasely Ríos: From Lipsticks to Rosaries: A Purposeful Path to Business

Arasely Rios-Quinones is the founder and CEO of Seraphym Designs Inc. Seraphym Designs is home to the first Heirloom Rosary of its kind in the United States, and are now sold across the US, Europe, Canada and Latin America. Arasely has been designing rosaries since she was 8 years old. Her childhood love of stringing beads and making rosaries was an early guidepost down her path of devotion. She was commissioned to make a St. Serra themed rosary for Pope Francis during his visit to the Unites States in 2015 for the canonization of St. Junipero Serra. Arasely’s true purpose goes beyond just making rosaries. She creates art that inspires others to pray. This purposeful approach to her business caused her to create a rosary inspired workshops where attendees can learn to make rosaries and at the same time learn about the mysteries of the Rosary, the life of Christ and the incredible devotion of our Blessed Mother Mary. She speaks at different Catholic organizations about her transformational story from being a successful corporate executive in the cosmetic industry and losing everything overnight. Her story of loss details God’s purpose in her life by setting her hobby of making rosaries as the catalyst that launched a ministry that has become an international business. Arasely lives in Southern California. Has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, and a Master’s degree in Adult Education and Training. She has been a guest multiple times on Immaculate Heart Radio, Radio Family Rosary of Arizona, NPR, Fox News and has filmed exclusive launches for EWTN’s religious catalogue program. When she is not designing rosaries Arasely enjoys nurturing her garden, cuddling her dog Luna, and watching movies with her husband Tony.


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